GIF stands for the Graphics Interchange Format, which is a looping video, but said as the image because of short length. These GIFsare most popular, especially in These GIFs do not have any sound and this will take very less storage space. These will be used to express our emotions and actions using these GIF files. Nowadays, these GIFs becoming the most popular and are shared in almost all the social network sites. And these Gif files can be downloaded on all the devices like PC and smartphones. But, iPhone Does not support this Gifs. So, now I will tell you how to save gifs on iPhone.

save gif iphone

But, when coming to the iPhone, downloading GIF on iPhone is not easy. iPhone Does not support this type of moving Images. When we click on the Save image option, this image will be saved in the camera roll, but it will not be a GIF, the only static image will be saved. So, here I’m going to give you the ways through which you can download the Gifs easily on your iPhone also save twitter gifs. Please read the below information carefully and then proceed to know how to save gifs on iPhone.

How to Save GIFs on iPhone?

We can save GIFs on iPhone in several ways, here I will give you some of the methods through which you can download the GIF files into your iPhone very easily. To iPhone save GIF option is not available directly, so we have to download an external app in which we can download the application and then we can get the image on your iPhone. The requirements for the methods are an iPhone with latest iOS version and a strong Internet connection or Wifi.

Download Gif on iPhone using Gifwrapped

It is a GIF store app for iOS. In this Gifwrapped app, you can get to search, select and Download the GIF files and store them on your device. This app is a browser for GIF files, which contains a built-in browser where we can search and find almost all categories of GIF files. You can directly download your favourite Gifs from here. It has an option to download the GIF from link also. If you want to download a GIF from the internet. Then copy the link and then paste it in the GIFwrapper. Once the download completes, then you can save it to the library. The following are the steps to download and use this app to save a gif to iPhone successfully.

iphone save gif

Steps to Download Gifs from GIFwrapped

  • Get the app GIFwrapped from here. Click on the link given below to download the app on your iPhone.

Download GIFwrapped iPhone

  • Now, open the app and then you can see hundreds of Gifs and categories.
  • You can download the GIF from the app by searching for your GIF or you can paste the image URL in this app.
  • Once you get the Gif you want to download on the screen, click on “Download”.
  • That’s it now you can use this app on your iPhone library. you can view it on the camera roll.
  • Or you can see the saved GIFs in the Library by clicking on the left corner of the app.

So, as far this is the best way to Download the GIFs from the app. And also this is the best app to search, save and store your favourite GIFs. Still, you want another method, then the following is the second method through which you can download GIF to iPhone mean while check how to save gifs from facebook.

Save GIF iPhone using GIFPLAYER free

Gifplayer free is free is an another app in which you can save GIF images on iPhone. By using this app you can download the Gif files into our iPhone easily. This app will be similar to the GIF wrapper and all the options will be equal to the GIFwrapper. In this app also you can download GIF by using the link of the GIF or you can use Google search option to find the GIFs download and store them in your personal Library.

iphone texting gif

This GIF player is the free app and having great features in the app and also we can save, search or copy the GIF images using this app. We can save these animation images and share them via message, Mail or you can simply share them to camera roll. You can also Set this GIF as your Contact photo. So, if you want to download the apps, then here are the steps to Download it from here. Click on the link given below, the steps to download and use this app are.

Steps To Download GIFs From GIFplayer

  • Download the GifPlayer app from the link given here.

Download GIFplayer

  •  Your app will automatically download on your Device. Once the app installs you will see the icon of the app on your iPhone.
  • Now open the app, in that you can see several categories of GIFs in which you can select any and Download for free.
  • Select the GIF, you can preview the gif before downloading, tap on the open option to preview.
  • if you like it then click on the “Save animation” option. Or you can go to advanced save animation option to rename and then download the GIF.
  •  Now, your app will be downloaded and you can see the file in the Library.
  •  Or you can share these downloaded GIF files using Message, Email and other apps. Or you can directly save it to your camera roll and see whenever you want.

So, this is the process through which you can download the GIF files on iPhone. Follow the process given below and download GIFs onto iPhone successfully.

Save As a Screen Recording

Well, you can also save if you can time it right, and this works perfectly to in order to save the looping animation on Twitter as your own.

Steps To Download GIFs

Well, you can also stream the below video for saving the gif to your iPhone successfully. So let us go, learn and save our favorite gifs very well.


Here, you can find the best ways to download the file from your iPhone using external apps. These are the two methods through which we can download the GIF iPhone, check out these methods and follow the steps to successfully download GIFs. Hope this information given above helped you, then share this post with your friends on social media. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates, Thank you.