Reaver apk is one of the best application for cracking the password easily. The reaver for Android is an open source tool works only on rooted devices and simple to use. The reaver android implements online brute force attack towards Wi-Fi Protected Setup.Reaver-WPS-fork-t6x version 1.6b has included various bug fixes and also an additional method namely offline Pixie Dust attack.The Android reaver has online brute force attack that possesses on an average amount of time about 4-10 hours to recover plain text WPA/WPA2 consist of the sequence of words used to control the access of another computer system, program or data.


Reaver WPS Android is one of the best testing tool developed by tactical network solutions.This tool mainly attacks the router and crack the pin to retrieve the password or the actual WPA key.We are here to let you know how to download reaver for android easily and accurately. To guess the right WPS registered pin, it initially takes about half of this time. If a client is using the offline attack and the AP is vulnerable, it takes only a fraction of seconds to minutes. The reaver pro apk enables to hack any of the wifi passwords. We provide guidance to download revear in the upcoming posts.

Reaver Apk Free Download

Before going to download reaver apk see the features and requirements of the reaver app. These features may help you to play the game and also to know about its process.

Features of Reaver Apk

  • The reaver apk automatically detect the WPS-enabled routers.
  • All reaver-Settings for reaver app are accessible.
  • This activates and deactivates Monitor-Mode automatically whenever it is needed.
  • It provides a simple way to connect once Reaver finds the registered WPA-Key.
  • Also, constitutes external script support.


Requirements of Reaver App

The major requirement for reaver download is to make sure that Wire’s Pixie wps is installed which uses Kali Linux as the operating system.

Reaver for android download

  • Initially, download bcmon.apk and Rfa.apk from the genuine sites.
  • Now, run the bcmon and if it fails then try again.
  • Finish the installation process.
  • Go for Rfa otherwise, the bcmon do not possess the greater compatibility.
  • Once WPS enabled router got selected, click on test monitor mode.
  • Finally, you can use Rfa without installing bcmon.

Steps to Download Reaver Apk File

  • Firstly, download the apk file from the genuine sites with out any failure.
  • Now move the reaver apk file from desktop to the mobile with the help of Bluetooth or USB.
  • Go to downloads in mobile, select and install the application without any failure.
  • To complete the installation process, enable the unknown sources of the file and complete the installation process.
  • Then go to home page, search the app and open it to continue the process.

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Most of the clients prefer the reaver app for cracking the password or WPS registered pin. With this application, the client can hack and access the other system. We hope that the information mentioned above guides helps you in understanding the installation process as well downloading the reaver apk file. Finally if you have any queries regarding the download and installation process you can comment us. Visit iMod Apks for more information.