Hi friends, hope you having a nice day. Today I’m going to tell you the simple ways through which you can enjoy your Android on TV.Technology is improving rapidly and we are also looking for new things and searching for the new ways in which we can make our daily tasks easy. Android smartphone has become a part of our life and we are also using it for several purposes. But, some tasks like movie streaming, Photos and slideshows will be more beautiful when we see on the big Screen and today we are going to know about how to do this. This means, how to connect android to tv the following are the different ways through which we can connect the Android to TV.

how to connect android to tv

But, when we connect android to TV we have to make sure that the android and TV are connected to the same wifi network. And we can only connect android to TV using the smart TV. A smart Tv will have all the features and ports so that we can easily connect and stream our Phone in TV. So, now let us see the following methods and try them to how to connect Android to tv wireless and android to tv connection with cable.

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Different Ways to Stream Android on Smart TV

There are so many different apps which will give you availability to connect the app and execute it in the Smart TV. And also the Tv gives the Ports called HDMI and also a cord that connects phone to TV. By using them also we can complete the task of phone connecting to TV. Check out the following methods through which you can know how to connect android phone to tv.

Connect to Android to TV using iMediashare

iMediaShare is an Android app which is available for free in the Playstore and also it will make all your Photos and Music stream in Android Tv and also the app is really handy. You can Transfer or Stream music, Photos and Videos from our Personal Library. Yu can share your Smartphone, Tablet or any android Device connect to Tv using this Process.

connect android to tv

With iMediaShare, we can play videos sequentially in the order. So, that we won’t need to stick to the remote or phone for changing the Videos. By this, we can also directly install apps on TV itself. And the most interesting feature is we can cast over a wireless network, that means you won’t need to connect the Phone to Tv with any cable.

How to Stream the Phone to Tv using iMedia Share

Step 1: Firstly, Download and Install the iMediasher in the Android Device. Now you can see an icon in the Home screen, Click on it. Make Sure both the TV and Android or connected to same network or Wifi.

Step 2: Now you can see all the pictures, videos and all other things in your iPhone.

Step 3: You can Select your favourite media by specially designed categories, which make it easy to find your favourite Media photo, video etc.,

Step 4: Select your favourite one and click on it. Now you can see the video plays on your Tv.

Step 5: The Tv itself will discover the best Playback player from your Home screen of the Tv and directly plays the Video, Music or everything.

Step 6: That’s it, now you can enjoy Android On Big screen.

Connect Android Smartphone to Tv using HDMI port

In this method, we have to connect our Mobile with the Tv using Cable. There will be an HDMI input for all the Smart Tv. By using this we can use the Tv as a Smartphone screen and we can operate our Mobile as a Remote to control the Phone on TV. But the only problem with this is that most of the phones don’t have this Direct HDMI port.

how to stream from phone to tv

In that situation, there are USB port Expanders so that we can connect the Phone to the Tv with this HDMI port. This expander is called as MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link). This will allow the HDMI transmission from your Android to Tv in all Tv’s including Ultra HD Television.

Using SlimPort as MHL alternative

Google, has introduced this SlimPort in which we can use USB as a combination to connect our Phone to Tv. So, here we can use Slimport to Connect the Phone, which is simple and Compact.

phone connecting to tv

But, this Slimport is only available in some phone models like Google Nexus, BlackBerry Priv and LG mobiles. And some of the Amazon Kindle Devices will also support this Port.

Google Chromecast

It is another option through which you can now how to connect Android to Tv using this Chromecast. Chromecast is an Inbuilt feature in the recently launched Smart TVs.

how to connect android phone to tv

For the older TVs, chromecast device is available which can be attached to Tv and use Smartphone to TV.


So, friends, these are the methods through which you can know how to connect Android to Tv. So, friends, hope you have successfully connected your Android to Tv and having fun with it. If you do so, then share this article with your friends and also let them know about this process. Also, share your experience with us through the comment section provided below. Thank you so much for visiting our website, Keep visiting for more updates, Thank you.