Call of mini infinity hack is a full-length action-packed reality game fulfilled with HD graphics and more game features than any other gaming app. Earth is going to be destroyed by a meteor colliding. So we have to search for a new place to live. In this game, you have to travel the whole universe to find a new place for us. This game will be so exciting and adventurous each and every single minute. You can download this call of mini hack mod apk from here.

call of mini infinity hack

The game concept is, 35 years ago, we have discovered an inhabitable star known as “Caron”. So you have gathered an army of Star warriors and trained them to explore that planet outside of our solar system. you’re the lead of this team. So, your responsibility is to lead your army safely towards that planet and fight with Several alien enemies to win.

About call of mini infinity hack apk

Call of Mini Infinity is an action game developed by trinity interactive game Ltd. and the last update was released on July 21, 2016. You are the leader for your star warriors team and also have to lead your team to explore a planet called “caron”. In this travel, you have to come across several dangers and fight with several enemies like aliens and several features. Talent, skills and Weapons will lead you to the Victory. You can get Level ups and several power-ups whenever you reach a destination or checkpoint. So enjoy this app in the mod version by downloading it from the below link.


Features of call of mini hack

The following are the ultimate features available at call of mini infinity hack very well. One can access for free and get some knowledge by looking at the below features.

  1. Exciting Battles with aliens.
  2. Fluid 3D shooting Experience.
  3. Use power-ups and skills to fight off your enemies.
  4. Customise the way you fight by learning new strategies and talents.
  5. Defeat epic bosses by cooperating with friends.
  6. Equip best and most powerful weapons and other stuff.
  7. Upgrade armour to gain desirable buffs.

Mod Feature

  1. Get Unlimited Money.
  2. Download unlimited weapons.
  3. Unlimited power-ups.


App specifications

  • Size: 14.1 MB
  • Version: 2.6
  • App Installs: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000.


  • Requires 2.3.3 and up Android Software.

How to Download Call of Mini Infinity Hack

  1. Download call of mini infinity cheats Hack apk from below.
  2. Install the mod apk on your Android phone.
  3. If you are asking for permission just follow below path.
  4. Settings>Security>Unknown Sources. Tick mark on the check box beside the unknown sources option.
  5. Now your apk will be successfully installed.
  6. Like our FB page

Download Call of Mini Infinity Hack apk

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Call Of Mini Infinity Hack Mod APK Permissions

There are various categories likewise other, phone, location, storage, microphone available and one should enable without any fail.

Other Permissions

  • Allows the application to open the network sockets.
  • Use the PowerManager WakeLocks for keeping the processor from sleep mode or the screen.
  • Access the information about the entire networks.
  • And also allows the applications to access the information about the WIFI.

Phone Permissions

Allows the read-only access including the phone number, current status of the cellular network, status on ongoing calls, list of the entire accounts and much more.

Location Permissions

  • Allows the app in order to access the actual precise location.
  • Also, allows the app to access the correct location.

Storage Permissions

  • Allows the application to write to external storage.
  • And also allows reading from external storage.

Microphone Permissions

  • Finally, it allows the application to record the audio in a greater way.

Therefore, these are the permissions one should enable before accessing call of mini infinity hack to the greater extent.

Is it Safe to use Call of Mini Infinity Apk Mod Hack Tool

Various individuals have come across this situation. But let me tell you yes com infinity hack is very much safe to use call of mini infinity hack tool. This was usually designed by the various professionals who really made sure that all the people using the hack call of mini will stay anonymous constantly. This means no individual will ever know whether the user is used the hack or not. Moreover, the generator especially uses all the proxies and numerous techniques in order to maintain anonymity.

One can say call of mini mod apk as the best tool that you can find it. And while coming to the security, it is 100% safe. We generally had a lot of testers who really tested this particular tool over various accounts from different countries and different platforms too. None of the users ever got any kind of Warning or got banned. All this shows how it secures this particular hack tool.

Have a look at the below call of mini infinity mod features provided in step by step to get more clear about this topic.

  • Almost uses various Proxies
  • And also uses several techniques in order to assure Anonymity
  • This is silent and background hacking process
  • 100% Safe
  • Works 100% without cause any kind of errors
  • Nowhere Accounts banned so far
  • Call of mini apk is completely 0% Downtime
  • Will always updated to the latest version on regular intervals.
  • This will be tested by hundreds of Testers in various countries
  • Nowhere virus or harmful script exists.

As such all these features are enough to ensure safety or security to get started with the hack. Remember as no other generator will provide this much security to their end users.

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Final Words

As a result,  we hope everything went well and you have successfully installed this free mod apk with no issues. You can also know about what is the call of mini infinity mod apk and what are the features of it. If you found any issues while installing this app, please write us your query in the comment section below. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates and mod apks.