The bike mayhem cheats is a hack game. This was developed by Free Games Inc, and the main purpose of the bike mayhem cheats is created for generating unlock bikes as well unlock gears. These can be implemented on both bike mayhem cheat codes iPhone as well Android devices. It was not a tool but one should download the bike mayhem apk file. This is very simple to use and should follow the instructions.

bike mayhem cheats

You can get the cheat bike mayhem codes from us. With these codes, you can simply hack the game and get an unlimited number of rides. All the working cheat code of bike mayhem are listed and are provided here. You can have a look at the best cheat codes of bike mayhem that are 100% working. Follow the guide to get the cheat codes. GBWhatsapp apk is one of the greatest WhatsApp mods available on Android devices. Once you download GB WhatsApp app latest version on your phone, you can access cool features. The best thing is that you can install download GBWhatsapp latest version for free.

Features of the Bike mayhem cheats:

  • There are 100 plus beautiful mountain trails for all styles of riding
  • The application also consists of 80 plus gear items for the rider and MTB bike
  • It has both frame and also wheel upgrades that will have a greater impact on the gameplay
  • This has some tricks and bunny hops. Also, consist of flips.
  • The gameplay will be very much addictive.
  • Finally, it is so powerful for the online leaderboards.

Cheat codes for bike mayhem

bike mayhem cheat codes

There are certain bike mayhem cheat codes for unlimited sources such as

  • Cheat Code for Unlock Bikes – BXF-FHcmEOLgH
  • Cheat Code for Unlock Gears – XAZ-YYeysyizI

To hack the game, you require the bike mayhem cheat codes android, that constitute the following codes.

Therefore, the cheat code for bike mayhem is shown below.

  • Remove Ads£0.99 – BK_kTUXcKA7bH
  • Unlock all the Bikes and Gear£14.99 – UH_xaTq4PqIsz
  • Unlock All the Mountain Trails£9.99 – ZC_PlgcPjQPBR
  • 12 Spoke Wheel Level 1£0.99 – QR_gF7nZZVqKL
  • Booster Pack x 100£4.99 – NY_XqrAYbpRVr
  • Red Race Jersey£0.99 – YO_XXEjIo872Y
  • Cannon Ball Helmet in Red£0.99 – IB_586AH3AIxe
  • Booster Pack£0.99 – LN_oZtF9ZghuV
  • Neighbourhood Dirt Jumps£0.99 – HW_j6TQgvRsy7

The above is the bike mayhem cheat codes list for android which helps to hack the game in an easy way.

Other hack tools

There are certain hack tools over the various cheat codes. They are classified as

  • It does not require downloads.
  • The Bike Mayhem hack will be working for all devices namely iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and others.
  • No need to root your device.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It’s free of cost available on the stores.

Tips to play Bike Mayhem Application

Tips to play Bike Mayhem Application

  • Once you start using the checkpoints, will get the maximum of one star successfully.
  • Now, learn to add the flips into your combo.
  • The wheelie will go into as well out of the jump to add into the trick combo.
  • The fourth step is to hold down the pump or else hot button while entering the downhill section to get the boost into speed.
  • The term wheelie does not drain the energy.
  • And the timer does not start until you start to pedal the bike or the brake.
  • Now again use the finger to drag the rider and toss so that you will be doing on or off the bike.
  • Be sure that you have picked the right frame and the wheel combination to achieve the best score for every trial.
  • Finally, use the boosters that help you through the different trial or else you can get the top position for each trial.
  • Finally, use the boosters so that, it helps you to achieve the top position on the leaderboard.

How to enter cheat codes in android games

  • Firstly, you have to open game keyboard before going for GTA
  • You have to enable the Game keyboard, Now Tap and select Game Keyboard as active input method You have to change the keyboard to CM Keyboard. If
  • If there is no issue, you have to enable the keyboard on home. When the game keyboard gets open, will receive GTA.
  • Don’t forget to change the game keyboard to CM Keyboard.
  • Try to type the word as a keyboard and you can have a look as all the cheats will be working very well.

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Maximum the clients prefer the application to have more fun. This application helps to hack easily with the cheat codes. The process as well tips were mentioned in the article. Study the instructions carefully and if you get any doubt or queries regarding either cheat codes or the process, you can comment us. Visit iMod Apks for more information.